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Włocławek is one of the oldest towns in Poland. The history of the first settlement goes back 3000 years. At the turn of the X and XI centuries a prince’s castle was established. From 1123 it becomes capital city of the bishopric of the Kujawy region. In the Middle Ages the town was named as Włodzisław, next they changed on Włocław (Vladislavia). Prince of Kujawy Kazimierz granted Włocławek a town charter before the year 1265. W?oc?awek didn’t surrender to the course of history and weathered invasions of Teutonic Knights, the invasion of Swedes, and the II world war. Today Włocławek promotes the buoyant economic development. Włocławek is the biggest town and an industrial centre on Kujawy. There is chemical, food, machine, furniture, metallurgical industry in the town. Apart from industrial plants there are many urban companies supplying the city with essential utilities. There are many service centres, a dozen or so branches of banks, numerous insurance companies, consulting companies, leasing societies and advisory companies in the town. There are many wholesale companies, stores of construction materials and warehouses. There are showrooms of major car dealers established on the Polish market in Włocławek. Investors built a few shopping centres and supermarkets here. There are 5 colleges functioning in Włocławek. The town is famous for an outstanding basketball team, which in the season 2002/2003 got the championship of Poland.
In spite of „historical passages” there are numerous monuments in the town:

  • Gothic Cathedral of St. Maria Assumption, established at the turn of XIV and XV century, rebuilt between 1891-1893
  • St. Witalis Gothic church from around 1330
  • Late gothic John’s Christian church from the first half of the XVI century, ancient urban parish church
  • Monastery complex of Franciscans from the XVII century with the church of All Saint
  • Episcopal palace from the first half of the XIV century, rebuilt in years 1720-1738 and 1925.

There are numerous mass media in Włocławek which broadcast news to inhabitants of the town and region: radio stations, television, daily papers, the weekly, online service centres.

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