Draft of the refurbishment

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In 2001 a developer from Włocławek purchased the land for which architectural refurbishment design was worked out. The inspiration of architects cruised around history and the will of preserving the original shape of this area as much as possible. A huge design of renovating and adapting of the place was created in which history played the main role. Thanks to such a vision the first in Włocławek, as well as in the Kujawy – Pomeranian region, loft was created.

Part of the old factory of pottery touched with the course of the time was adapted to a modern block of apartments in the climate of lofts. During refurbishment of buildings of the former factory of pottery the most modern technology and the highest quality building materials were used. Industrial character of the kiln of pottery factory (piecownia – part of the pottery factory where pottery was fired) provides perfectly the climate of old days.

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