You can book a room by:

Registration should contain fallow information:

  • name, surname
  • address
  • telephone or mobile
  • e-mail address
  • exact arrival’s date and hour
  • expected period of stay and departure’s date

If an apartment is vacant it will be book and administration employee will contact with you to give all information.
If the book will not be confirm it will not be consider.

Booking Changes

All and any booking changes concerning: sojourn period, extension or shortening the sojourn, the number of people one should notify before the arrival. In case of Aparthotel assistant’s consent to such changes, new booking confirming will be submitted.

Cancelling the booking

In case of cancellation of previously confirmed booking compensation will be charged. The cancellation of booking fee is connected with the number of previously booked days and with the date of cancellation of the booking.