Duties of the guest

  1. Number of persons being able to settle in the apartment is limited to the number given on the booking confirmation. In case of exceeding this number the administration department assistant can refuse to issue the entrance card. This card, enabling access to the apartment and the building, can not be handed over to the third parties. In case of violation of this point the card can be confiscated.
  2. Our Guests are obliged for obeying principles of the good neighbourhood, in it for obeying quiet hours (22:00 – 6:00). After 22:00 on the Aparthotel area persons not checked-in cannot stay without the knowledge and the consent of the administration worker.
  3. One should exploit the luxury apartment in harmony with its appropriation and not more than it results from normal needs. One should hold the luxury apartment in the good shape.
  4. Before check-out one should leave the apartment and equipment it in the initial shape (clean vessels and the kitchenware). In another case we will deduct appropriate due amount from the deposit, according to the enclosed price list.
  5. The guest is obliged for immediate notifying the administration department of losses caused by oneself during the stay. A Guest must cover an equivalent of these losses and costs of repair.
  6. In case of other problems we ask kindly for urgent contact with the administration department assistant.
  7. An absolute smoking ban is applied in the apartments. Persons contravening the ban will be burdened with stipulated penalty. The ban guarantees to all guests sojourn in the fresh and clean flat.